About us

For over 30 years Pozbruk has been delivering modern solutions for single-family housing and for large European investment projects, bound to be enjoyed by the generations to come. Cutting edge technologies which have been the focus of Pozbruk's investment efforts for years, have placed the company in the leading position with regard to researching the quality of goods and protecting prefabricated elements from atmospheric conditions, so that they may serve their purpose for many years.

Nowadays, not only does Pozbruk produce a broad range of decorative and industrial paving setts, but also aesthetic floor slabs, stairs and platforms, facade cladding, mosaic masonry system, landscape structures, acoustic screens as well as patented purlins and pre-tensioned prestressed concrete beams.

The POZBRUK group owns the network of manufacturing plants for precast concrete products and aggregate mines. It also runs its activities on the real estate market and in the food industry, still remaining a family company with the Polish capital. Quality and striving for perfection always come first at Pozbruk.