Comprehensive approach



For us, the quality of our products is the most important. The trust of our clients, investors and cooperating architects was won with uncompromising standards - when you choose POZBRUK, you choose the guarantee of the highest quality. This is why we care for our products since the very beginning - we have our own aggregate pits which give us independence - we maintain continuity of deliveries, rock stable prices and premium technical parameters of the finished product.



We have five plants in Poland. We offer cladding and structural materials, such as facades, terraces, fences, ceilings and large format slabs. With the development of our business in mind, we expand the range of products by introducing specialized solutions, such as polymer-concrete curbs, tram slabs, pre-stressed channel slabs and reinforced concrete prefabricated elements for building industrial halls and warehouses.



The team of designers employed in the Design Department will assist and advise you when designing the space or areas around your house. Our experts will support you when selecting materials and colors, they will explain the applied technologies and ultimately make a comprehensive design for developing the land.



We have developed our own, safe logistics system. We handle the transportation ourselves - by trucks, by rail or specialized vehicles. Our engineers and a team of logistics experts work hard to ensure the process of delivering the order is both economical and efficient.



We have an in-house lab where a team of experts use high quality research equipment to control all stages of production, daily. The block's properties and parameter are analyzed - absorbability, frost resistance, compression strength and abrasion. The lab is also responsible for developing special, customized prefabricated elements.