Own local resources

Autonomy thanks to our own resources

The aggregate for production of concrete blocks comes from our own, modern pits. Quality is our priority - we focus on it from the very beginning to the final product. Our clients receive a trusted, reliable product and enjoy the guarantee of stable, premium quality. Thanks to our own aggregate pits:

  • continuity of deliveries is guaranteed, the foundation of reliable, punctual cooperation – we are independent of third party suppliers;
  • the uniform parameters of aggregate can be ensured, guaranteeing the best technical parameters of our products, further translating into excellent reliability;
  • the price remains stable;
  • we can choose only the very best aggregate, allowing us to maintain top quality since the very first steps of production;
  • we can better care for the environment and only use trusted, safe mining technologies;
  • we organize our own transportation, guaranteeing the purity of aggregate and punctual delivery;
  • we use the best, highly specialized equipment to ensure the sand is refined and fractioned to the highest standards.


We use cutting edge technologies

The multi-stage technological process that begins with mixing concrete ingredients and ends with packaging the finished product is fully automated. A highly skilled team of automation engineers, electricians, software designers and machine operators is responsible for handling the equipment and using modern technologies - we work with the best of the best, people who always seek ways to grow and improve their skills. We also have an in-house research lab using the following technologies:

  • NOVA – a technology ensuring unparalleled reliability of products and color intensity. A layer of concrete mixed with high grade aggregate in various colors is applied to the block's top surface. The subsequent step in the NOVA technology consists in exposing the high-grade aggregate in the rinsing process.
  • MELANGE – a technology for obtaining amazing colors and shade by means of controlled application of colored concrete mixes in the products surface layer, before the process of vibropressing.
  • EPOKA – a technology of purposeful ageing of the product, in a free-fall or hammering process.
  • H-PLUS – a technology for removing humidity, making the product more resistant to atmospheric and environmental conditions, easier to maintain and slowing its ageing process.
  • NANO – a technology for protecting the pigment from harmful UV radiation, increasing color intensity; it also shares all features of the H-PLUS technology – repels water and oily substances, accelerates evaporation and increases resistance to discoloration and spots.
  • VAPORE – a technology for making the product resistant to frost. The process takes place in closed vaporization chambers.
  • TiO2 – a pro-ecology technology that reduces air pollution. Thanks to the presence of TiO2 – titanium dioxide – the photocatalytic concrete reduces the content of carbon oxides in the atmosphere, self-cleans residues after chemical reactions and neutralizes fats and bacteria.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Having been in the market for over 32 years, we are not blind to social and environmental protection issues. One of our pro-ecology activities is the implementation of innovative TiO2 technology, with which the concrete helps reduce air pollution caused by combustion engines. The technology helps reduce NOx (nitric oxides) content – the main culprit responsible for the creation of the ozone hole. We are aware that the value in our company lies not only with the product, but also with positive impact on the society and the surroundings. Consequently, we have designed specially shaped surface elements that warn blind and vision-impaired people in public space – on mass transport stops, train platforms and pedestrian crossings. We also participate in the revitalization of municipal areas, giving Poland's most representative places a new, eye-pleasing look.