Genua, Milano, Verona

The Gardeo programme refers to the rich tradition of erection of broken walls. The uneven structure of elements from four sides, owing its aesthetics, resembles natural stones. This provides the possibility of creating exceptional combinations of fences adapted to the selected architectural style. The available elements are in an interesting winter melange which is compliant with the current trends.

Available dimensions:

Available colors:

Winter melange

Technologies utilised:



Logistics table:

Product Number Output Weight
Genua 22.5 pro pallete: 72 items 3,51 m2 Pallete: 1890 kg
Genua 15 pro pallete: 108 items 5,27 m2 Pallete: 1890 kg
Milano 22.5 pro pallete: 144 items 3,51 m2 Pallete: 1760 kg
Milano 15 pro pallete: 216 items 5,27 m2 Pallete: 1760 kg
Verona 22.5 pro pallete: 48 items 3,51 m2 Pallete: 1860 kg
Verona 15 pro pallete: 72 items 5,27 m2 Pallete: 1860 kg

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