Presstone Stairs

PRESSTONE is a series of claddings which allows the building of stairs which are resistant to intense use both inside and outside of residential buildings and public utility buildings.  As part of the programme, many design options and a rich variety of colours are provided. Our offer includes products based on granite, basalt, sand, marble and dolomite aggregates. 

Available dimensions:

IMPORTANT! Plinth used also for terraces and balconies and as a decorative element.

Technologies utilised:



Logistics table:

Product Number Output per pallet Weight
Block Step per pallet: 6 items 9,6mb Pallet: 1660 kg
Angle Step per pallet: 20 items 19,2mb Pallet: 1200 kg
Tread per pallet: 20 items 32mb Pallet: 1230 kg
Riser per pallet: 30 items 48mb Pallet: 830 kg 
Plinth 30 per bundle: 10 items 3mb Pallet: 6 kg
Plinth 40 per bundle: 10 items 4mb Pallet: 8 kg

Files to download:

POZBRUK Export Catalogue