Presstone Stone Texture

PRESSTONE is a perfect and complex offer for prestigious space configuration. The slabs are made of a uniform material; the unusually aesthetic elements will be applicable in may modern buildings, including public utility buildings. They are extremely resistant to static and dynamic loads. They perfectly prove their value in garden structure finishes and paths by residential and commercial buildings. The offer includes a broad range of products with diverse structures.

Available dimensions:

IMPORTANT! Milky slate and Milky travertine available only for Presstone Stone Texture 40×40×4,2/4,5 cm

Technologies utilised:



Logistics table:

Product Number Output Weight
40×40×4,2/4,5 cm

per pallet: 100 items

per bundle: 25 items

number of bundles per pallet: 4

16 m2

Bundle: 430 kg

Pallet: 1720 kg

60×60×6,5 cm

per pallet: 17 items

per bundle: 17 items

number of bundles per pallet: 1

6,12 m2 

Bundle: 960 kg

Pallet: 960 kg

60×90×5,5 cm

per pallet: 16 items

per bundle: 16 items

number of bundles per pallet: 1

 8,64 m2  

Bundle: 1150 kg

Pallet: 1150 kg

Files to download:

POZBRUK Export Catalogue