Rotterdam is a lighter version of the GARDEO wall, built of split hollow bricks with the stone structure. The construction of the elements allows for the quick and easy construction of the wall without mortar and time-consuming pointing. The limited weight of the Rotterdam hollow bricks facilitates the assembly works.

Available dimensions:

Technologies utilised:



Logistics table:

Product Number Output Weight

Rotterdam Wall Full

Rotterdam Wall 1/3

Rotterdam Wall 2/3

per pallet: 24 items

2,91 m2

Pallet: 960 kg

Rotterdam Wall Full

per pallet: 48 items

2,91 m2

Pallet: 960 kg

Rotterdam Linear Cover 100

1 items


Item: 44 kg

Rotterdam Linear Cover 52

1 items


Item: 23 kg

Rotterdam Post Linear Cover 40

1 items


Item: 17,5 kg

Files to download:

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